Osmo Packaging was established in 1995. Osmo Packaging Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer for water purification products. We offer the world's most modern water treatment technology i.e. "Reverse Osmosis water system" at competitive price.

We believe that we are a company with honesty and integrity built in to everything we do. We have numerous years expertise in reverse osmosis water systems and we are concerned about satisfaction, best of services and also best of quality for consumers.

Our wide selection of packages and sizes allows you to solve virtually for all occasions. Our goal is to deliver the excellent Reverse Osmosis water which comes with high quality but competitive price, to ensure that customers are satisfy with our products.

This Company is wholly owned and managed by Malaysians. The Company is involved in the producing of reverse osmosis equipment for various size from household to commercial and bottling plant of reverse osmosis drinking water and pet bottles.

The Company stresses importance for establishment of long-term business with its customers by ensuring that all pricing and quotations provided by the Company are fair and just besides ensuring that all the Company's products are of high quality.

High Quality
We realized that quality of an end product is significant to our customers, the bottle with high quality standards, including the purified water that we produced are purified by using well designed reverse osmosis purification system.

Best of Choice
To compete in today's marketplace, you need to work with an established company offering a wide range of quality products and experienced technical assistance. For quality, competitive and exalted services, we are your best of choice.

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ISO 9001:2000 Certification Award
Certificate Number : 2267

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